Stack sampling

Air sampling from stacks is one of the main measures used for testing for airborne pollutants from focal industrial sources. Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd provides this service in accordance with the “Stack Testing Procedure” of the Ministry for Environmental Protection, which is based on the stack testing procedures of the U.S. Federal Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA), which has been approved by a professional forum of the air quality division in cooperation with Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd.


The procedures of Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd have been approved by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority in accordance with standard methods. The reports of the company are accepted by the authorities in Israel.


The air sampling from stacks department has dozens of tests, who allow for up to five teams to operate simultaneously. The team leaders are personally accredited by a certifying party of the EPA.


Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd provides a service package that includes:

Ecological Laboratories 1Ecological Laboratories 2

  • Preparation of a plant testing and accompaniment plan until receipt of approval from the competent authority (including characterization of processes, detailed plan at the level of each separate pollutant, schedule atc').
  •  Instructions for preparation of standard infrastructures, including sampling ports, sampling floors and so on.
  • Arrangement of activity with the plant and air quality coordinator.
  • Conducting stack testing in accordance with its approved plan
  • Preparation of a report in Hebrew and English
  • Technical support for the ordering party and explanation of the report

We sample all types of stacks used in the industry and the parameters that we test for are as follows:

  • Parameters: temperature, absolute humidity and quantity of water, dynamic and static pressure, flow rate and flow speed.
  • Suspended particles:  TSP and particle size distribution
  • Sinking Particles SP
  • Combustion Gases: NOx, SO2  
  • Organic Compounds: PAH, TOC, VOCs and others
  • Halides and Halogens: HBr, HF, HCl, Cl2, Br2
  • Metals: Pb, Mg, Mn, Ni   Hg, Cd and others
  • Determination of Dioxins and Furans (PCCD's, PCDF's)
  • Odor:  odor intensity, odor characteristics


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Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd focuses on air sampling from stacks, open air monitoring and has an internal analytic laboratory unit

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