OP-FTIR remote sensing

Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd is a leader in the field of remote sensing. Remote sensing tests are performed using official methods that are accepted by the Ministry for Environmental Protection in accordance with the US-EPA TO-16 standard. The work is performed with the best equipment and technology available in Israel and elsewhere in the world.

These tests are used mainly for:

  • Locating target agents, organic and inorganic pollutants at low ppb concentrations simultaneously and in real time from a database of hundreds of agents
  • Emissions from the plant fence
  • Emissions on the edge of poolsEssay pic
  • Identification of pollutants in a complex industrial environment
  • Correlation of odor complaints, odor hazards to individual substances

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Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd focuses on air sampling from stacks, open air monitoring and has an internal analytic laboratory unit

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