Occupational hygiene

Occupational hygiene is one of the key measures for testing worker exposure to various noxious agents in the workplace. Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd provides this service in accordance with the qualification for executing occupational environmental tests and noise tests in workplaces from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. Testing is based on recognized international methods, such as of MASA, EPA, OSHA and NIOSH tests and other methods.



The procedures of Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd have been approved by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority in accordance with standard methods. The reports of the company are accepted by the authorities in Israel. Works are performed using advanced laboratory instrumentation that is suitable for testing purposes, made by the world’s best manufacturers and calibrated in overseas laboratories in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor and the requirements of the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority.



The occupational hygiene department employs five testers who are qualified to perform ambient air tests by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor – work control division.


Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd provides a service package that includes:

  • Preparation of a plant testing and accompaniment plan until receipt of approval from the competent authority (including characterization of processes, detailed plan at the level of each separate pollutant, schedule).
  • Personal sampling (a sampling close to a worker, usually near his respiratory area)
  • Area sampling
  • Ambient monitoring for noise includes the following measurements:
  • Personal dosimetric tests.
  • Personal exposure assessment testing.
  • Noise level mapping.
  • Preparation of a report in Hebrew and English
  • Technical support for the ordering party and explanation of the report

We conduct occupational environmental tests at various workplaces in different fields and check for the following parameters:

  • Measurements for determining airborne asbestos concentrations using standard, approved methods – RTM2 and RTM1.
  • Harmful dust, such as: free silica, talcum, mineral fibers and asbestos.
  • Metals, such as: lead, chromium, nickel, mercury, beryllium and others.
  • Organic solvents, such as: benzene, xylene, toluene and others.
  • Miscellaneous harmful agents: chlorine, ammonia, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, phenol, metyl-ethyl-ketone, methyl-isobutyl-ketone, pesticides, carbamates, isocyanates, wood dust and other agents.
  • Exposure to noise at workplaces.

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Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd focuses on air sampling from stacks, open air monitoring and has an internal analytic laboratory unit

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