Odor tests

Definition of odor hazards:

An odor hazard occurs when one or more of the following conditions occurs:

  1. At least 3 independent complaints of odor from different places, received by the Ministry for Environmental Protection, over 24 hours, or at least 10 independent complaints that have been received within 30 days.
  2. The odor intensity as determined by a sniffing team on site, exceeds: for a residential area: degree 0, A mixed area: degree 1, other area: 3.
  3. The odor concentration in odor units per cubic meter of air (OU/m3) as a calculated hourly average for evaluating the effect of any odor source that exceeds: for a residential area: 1 OU/m3, for a mixed area: 5 OU/m3, for another area: 10 OU/m3

The odor hazard department employs five testers who are qualified to perform ambient air tests by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor – work control division.


Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd provides a service package that includes:


  • Preparation of a plant testing and accompaniment plan until receipt of approval from the competent authority (including characterization of processes, detailed plan at the level of each separate pollutant, schedule).
  • Locating and quantification of odor hazard sources.
    • Odor sampling on site and intensity evaluation in the laboratory using a laboratory olfactometer and team of panelists.
    • Deploying an odor detection team on site for measuring odor distribution using portable olfactometers.
  • Theoretical evaluation of odor dispersal using the AERMOD model.
  • Preparation of a report in Hebrew and English
  • Technical support for the ordering party and explanation of the report

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