The services of the company

Since the establishment of "Ecology Laboratories A. P. Ltd" the company has a policy of enlargement and improvement her services.

The services in recent years grown due to the new stringent requirements on the part of the legislature in the country.

Here are some of services that provided by "Ecology Laboratories A. P. Ltd."


Air sampling from stacks is one of the main measures used for testing for airborne pollutants from focal industrial sources.
Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd tests for harmful environmental factors. The tests are based on EPA and NIOSH international methods.
Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd has a department that is responsible for locating leaks of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a gaseous fraction.
Occupational hygiene is one of the key measures for testing worker exposure to various noxious agents in the workplace.
The analytic laboratory operates in the fields of environmental protection, stacks and occupational hygiene.
The odor hazard department employs five testers who are qualified to perform ambient air tests by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor – work control division.

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Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd focuses on air sampling from stacks, open air monitoring and has an internal analytic laboratory unit

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