• Qualified to perform surveys and tests:
    • Tests for pollutant emission in stacks
    • Tests for ambient airborne concentrations of pollutants around emission sources
    • Tests for concentrations of pollutants in workplaces (occupational monitoring)
    • Tests of indoor pollutant concentrations (indoor air quality)
    • FTIR remote sensing:
    • LDAR program and leak monitoring
    • Teams of sniffers and olfactometric tests
    • Raising of models for pollutant dispersal - AERMOD


ISO/IEC-17025 standard 

Environmental - occupational tests 

Qualification for performing asbestos tests:

  • The qualifying body – an inter-ministerial committee

Qualification for performing olfactometric tests:

  • The certifying body – an inter-ministerial body – Neve Ya’ar Laboratory


Accreditation Certificate of Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd-2011

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Ecological Laboratories A.P. Ltd focuses on air sampling from stacks, open air monitoring and has an internal analytic laboratory unit

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